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Far-sightedness, perseverance and clear objectives. An entrepreneurial path able to grow, evolve and consolidate over time. Today Homes Group means excellence in proposing, through the various companies, solutions, with an aesthetic and functional value, furnishing different home environments and spaces dedicated to the community.


A reference point when furnishing your home for living room and bedroom furniture, wardrobes and furnishings.

At the roots of every large group, there is always one important figure, someone who is already imagining growth, the first fruits and those that will follow, even as they begin to sow the first seeds. Marcello Dalla Betta is the man who, in the late sixties, thought up and believed in a project which, today, has grown to become the Homes Group. He has done this staying true to a firm vision: start with artisan values to create a large industrial company, and make good use of investments in research and development to offer quality products to an increasing consumer base. As it has grown, Homes has gradually pulled companies into its orbit which share the same level of excellence in their own specialist areas, meaning that today all functional areas of the home are covered by the Group.

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Factory 200 Homes Casa Srl

Via Cal Zattera 29 - 31010 Falzè di Piave (TV)

Factory 100 Homes Casa Srl

Via Montello 80 - 31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Factory 400 Mistral

Via Montello 63 - 31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Factory 700 Mistral

Via Giovanni Zaniol 255 - 31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Factory 300 Homes Casa Spa

Via Ettore Majorana 186 - 31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Factory 600 San Michele

Via della Lira 225 - 31053 Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Mission and Values

Our approach is customer-focused, offering current solutions, including those made to measure, with a design and level of quality that represents the Made in Italy concept.

Homes makes design furniture collections for the living room and bedroom spaces. We offer sectional, modular ranges that can be adapted to suit the space. Our made-to-measure solutions, wide range of elegant and carefully selected colours and finishes, and special processing techniques are in place to guarantee impeccable results that satisfy the customer and are kind to the environment.

Mission and Values Homes

Design and Research

The continuous research of the best raw materials and the most advanced technologies is the core of the Homes Group’s design philosophy.

Not only Design. A series of features and characteristics make the collections unique, in terms of style and functionality, aesthetics and materials. Compositional flexibility, modular elements, space optimization, quality and well-being.

Design and Research Homes

Environmental sustainability

Homes cares for the environment: our products are made with E1 Melamine Panels 100% Recycled and Atossical Paints.

Our made in italy furniture is made with E1 standard laminated ecological panels that meet current European and American requirements on formaldehyde emissions. Eco-panels are industrial products made with postconsumer wood thus avoiding the felling of new trees. The whole manufacturing process takes place respecting the current norms on environmental protection. Homes has also chosen the water-borne paint that satisfies the requirements of E.C. toys-safe certifications suitable for children’s use. The paint and the high technological system used for this project, have been awarded with the LIFE insignia for environmental protection by the EU, owing to their outstandigly eco-friendly characteristics.

Environmental sustainability Homes