NardiInterni Homes

NARDIINTERNI was founded in 1964 as artisanal manufacturers of modular furniture systems for living rooms and bedrooms.

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The brand

  • 2004

    NardiInterni joins Homes

A 50 year journey in the furniture sector.

NardiInterni design and furnish all the rooms in the home, community areas, offices and hospitality venues. The storage system changes skin and presents an aesthetic and function to suit the space 
is being designed, characterised and furnished.



All-In Home

Made-to-measure wardrobes, corner modules, functional units and pieces for transit areas are just some of the features of the All-In concept that bring order, comfort and style to hybrid spaces within the home.

entrance, living, home-office, hall ⁄ pantry, walk-in wardrobe, night, attic ⁄ understairs space, laundry, garage


All-In Community

In the All-In project, the space is faithful to the concept of dynamic community: furniture systems are used as partitions, and modular elements connect, transform and furnish different sections. The intent is also to optimise the space using modular furniture systems.

bar, internet café, wine shop, library, communal areas, waiting room, gym changing room, boutique, household goods store, bookshop, hotel room, aparthotel, student residence, office