Mistral Homes

Countless furniture solutions for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms. Fantasy and creativity prevail, texture and colours collide, and flexible compositions give added value.

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The brand

  • 1987

    Mistral is established

An important reference point when it comes to designing and creating children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms.

It pays close attention to new and emerging needs and styles of living, which has allowed it to create ever more practical and functional bedrooms with a contemporary style and strong visual impact. Research, design and innovation can be seen in every Mistral bedroom.


Free-standing beds

A functional approach adds value to these compact designs. Children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms take form with storage spaces and functional islands, defining and maximising the space with single and modular solutions.

Evo Collection / Evo Color Collection



Overbed units

Modern designs that evolve with young lifestyles. These dynamic compositions give life to everyday spaces, creating total freedom. Overbed unit solutions by Mistral are perfect to suit all tastes and requirements.

Evo Collection / Evo Color Collection



Space-saving solutions

Composition ideas that make the most of the available space. Functional solutions where every piece slots into its own space, and new geometrical designs reinterpret the concept of a bedroom.

Evo Collection / Evo Color Collection